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At ITS, Inc. our technology supports California’s Green Chemistry Initiative, and our personalized approach to business supports your diversity and inclusion goals. We are committed to building long-term client relationships to ensure outstanding results. Our company is dedicated to providing environmental solutions that help reduce health and safety exposures.

Our extensive experience in the petrochemical industry has given us insight into the many challenges that affect your day-to-day maintenance activities while trying to meet environmental regulation requirements. Our innovative technology ensures customers will reduce maintenance costs, minimize environmental impacts, and meet operational compliance requirements.

Our solutions feature a versatile, patent-pending technology to help your hazardous waste source reduction efforts comply with the California Green Chemistry Initiative. Our primary offering is Green Technology Solutions (GTS), which couples state-of-the-art engineering with modern surfactant-based technology.

Ultimately ITS, Inc.’s goal is to protect the environment from hydrocarbon contamination.


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