ITS Environmental’s GTS-VOC Suppressant is a powerful water based emulsifier formula that encapsulates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on soil and in storage tanks reducing their impact to the environment and the labor force. Control the emission of VOCs from gasoline spills, diesel spills, crude oil, waste oil, lubricants, and excavation.


  • Storage tanks
  • Oil & Gas industries
  • Hydrocarbon impacted areas
  • Soil bioremediation
  • Water treatment



  • Extremely effective if used with microbes to reduce waste generated by hydrocarbons
  • Meets regulatory requirements for degassing (SCAQMD Rule 1149)
  • Meets regulatory requirements for soil contamination (SCAQMD Rule 1166)
  • Reduces worker exposure to hazardous volatile compounds
  • Encapsulates VOCs in close environment (Inside Vessel) Reducing exposure to atmosphere
  • Reduce or eliminate “Cradle to Grave” liabilities
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-pathogenic
  • Minimize process time, labor requirements, cost, and downtime
  • Reduce or eliminate the hydrocarbon foot print
  • SCAQMD certified as Air Clean Solvent and SCAQMD Degassing Permit


5 gallon containers (10 minimum), 55 gallon drums, tote, and bulk

For Prescriptive Formulas ITS Environmental requires additional information, such as lab results and chemical composition to develop and prescribe job-specific formulas to meet your individual requirements.


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