ITS Environmental’s GTS-Green Cutter is a powerful degreaser that cleans and emulsifies crude base oils, heavy duty greases and oils. It has a high boiling point and will not evaporate at moderate temperatures, will stay dissolved in the sludge and shouldn’t separate, when used to breakdown heavy crude oils GTS-Green Cutter will blend with the crude oil, and its weight should be retained in the cracking/refining process. UNSPSC Code 47131821


  • Heavy Duty degreaser for hydrocarbon impacted areas
  • Machinery, parts, tools
  • Manual or Pressure washer cleaning
  • Asphaltic materials
  • Maintenance, repair and operations


  • Contains 100% biodegradable ingredients
  • Brakes down heavy duty crude oils
  • Has a high boiling point and will not evaporate at moderate temperatures
  • Reduces costs structures associated with maintenance
  • Safer for employees and assets
  • Minimize process time, labor requirements, cost, and downtime
  • Reduces overall environmental impact
  • When used with microbes it will help reduce or eliminate hydrocarbon contamination


5 gallon containers (10 minimum), 55 gallon drums, tote, and bulk

For Prescriptive formulas ITS Environmental requires additional information, such as lab results and chemical composition to develop and prescribe job-specific formulas to meet your individual requirements.


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